September 19, 2019 admin


This week we read about a newly launched Selfie Factory pop-up in London that has attracted thousands of social media fans looking for the perfect backdrop to feature on their Instagram and Snapchat selfies.

Built as a series of stylish room sets, a trip to the factory can cost from £9.99 an hour to £19.99 for a whole day, where you’re free to run around and take as many selfies as possible in backdrops from a 1950’s diner, to a bath tub filled with pink balls or a giant teddy bear.

The point is you take along lots of outfits and gather enough selfies to keep your social channels busy for months to come!

You don’t need whole room sets to make the most that “Instagram moment” however it is well worth thinking about creating installations at your venue to encourage social shares.

It doesn’t have to be as extravagant as you may think, it just needs to be something visual that’ll make people reach for their cameras. What would be your ideal backdrop? Would it be a something to make you look like you’re living it up in the Maldives or simply a prop to add something a bit different to your latest Instagram upload.

Whether it’s a bar in the city centre, a high street fashion store or a quiet corner of your visitor attraction, it almost feels like it should be a requirement to create something that’s worthy of the ‘gram. And don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and get a little creative.

Flower walls, giant photo frames, neon lighting, bright wall colours or murals, pop-up creatures or even a love-lock grid – the list is endless when it comes to ideas for incorporating a bit of selfie sparkle into your marketing mix.

Here are just a few recent examples of campaigns we’ve worked on where the “Instagram Moment” is at the heart of things.

  • Intu Metrocentre lovelock wall
  • Flymo Waterloo giant deckchairs
  • Seven Stories Elmer exhibition launch

So next time you’re planning a marketing campaign, a new venue launch or a PR stunt, embrace the ‘gram! You never know who’ll be snapping…