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CHRISTMAS 2018: The adverts we are loving this year

Christmas is an exciting time of year for all of us, with many people kicking off the festivities from as early as 1st December. In the world of marketing, Christmas means that we’re set to get a whole haul of heartwarming, funny and winter wonderland-themed adverts across all platforms and we love waiting to see who will come out on top.

To get us in the festive spirit, and of course an excuse to indulge in Christmas adverts, everyone in the O Office has put their heads together and picked out their favourite advert from this year:


“My favourite Christmas ad is the BBC film Wonderland about the mum and her son where time stands still; it’s an emotional pull on the heartstrings for any working mum and makes you remember that spending time with your children is more important than anything as time can’t actually stand still and they grow up very fast – give them presence over presents as they say.” – Kari Owers, managing director


“My favourite Christmas Ad is the Sainsbury’s one… cute kids singing in the nativity, feel good stuff and they used the song ‘You only get what you give’ by the New Radicals. They even had some social controversy/engagement with people complaining/defending #plugboy from a health and safety point of view! Plugboy is the best bit IMO.” – Robin Owers, creative director

“I love everything about Sainsbury’s Christmas advert this year. Entitled ‘The Big Night’ and directed by The Great Showman’s Michael Gracey, the ad is about a group of children coming together for their school Christmas Show. I think it captures the cast’s emotions perfectly, including the audience, who are in fact some of the cast’s real-life parents. Marvellous ad.” – Sally Crossley, senior account manager

“Sainsbury’s! It’s cheery, fun, has loads of talented cute kids and has caused ridiculous complaints lol (‘plug boy’ the child who is dressed as a plug socket, apparently it’ll cause children to play with sockets)  ha!” – Rebecca Connolly, senior account executive 

“The Sainsbury’s advert reminds me of Love Actually – a film I watch every Christmas without fail. It’s a heart-warming children’s performance of the classic nineties song, ‘You Get What You Give’ – directed by The Greatest Showman’s Michael Gracey.” – Tegan Denwood, SEO and social media manager



“It’s caused so much social media hype this year so it’s a popular one but my favourite so far has been Iceland and its advert on removing palm oil from its products. I love how different it is to what Iceland, and everyone else, pushes out at Christmas and that it’s much more about a cause than selling a product. That being said, I LOVE the John Lewis advert as well – I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Elton John.” – Sammy Sadler, B2B account manager



“Heathrow Airport has brought back much-loved characters Doris and Edward Bair for a third year to continue their teddy bear tale of travels. 2018’s ad sees them attempt to recreate a quintessential British Christmas on holiday in Florida in warmer climes but on hearing from their loved ones and experiencing FOMO, they decide to pack up for more familiar surroundings. Airports at this time of year can be special places as friends and families reunite for the festive period and the adorable relationship the Bairs share gets me everytime!” – Lauren Hedley, account director

“Bringing back all those nostalgic Christmassy feels this year, Heathrow Airport has fashioned a superb emotive festive ad with the use of the lovable Heathrow bears Doris and Edward Bair!” – Cameron Mudie, PR and content executive



“M&S never fails to sum up what Christmas means to families during the festive season. Securing ambassador Holly Willoughby to front this year’s campaign was a smart move by the retailer; we know her ‘must haves’ have become sell outs over recent weeks and product placement remains at the heart of the ad. This, coupled with a cameo from David Gandy (need I say more?), should tick a lot of boxes for the stores different customers.

As well as the main advert, M&S has released three 20 second edits, all of them featuring must-have products available to buy from the brand, which can be viewed across TV and social giving even further reach for the retailer”. – Fran Ratliff, head of client services



“It’s great to see that CSR is at the heart of Co-op’s Christmas advertising campaign which it has scaled back this year in favour of donating £19m to community groups. It sets the company aside from its competitors for all of the right reasons as the supermarkets battle to be heard in the run-up to the festivities.” – Kayleigh Hepburn, senior account manager