October 18, 2018 admin


By Sammy Sadler, Marketing Manager

The Festival of Marketing was back again for another year earlier this month with its two-day marketing extravaganza, bringing a whole host of industry leaders and famous faces including Louis Theroux, Gabby Logan and Eamonn Holmes to share their views and knowledge.

Alongside the celebs, some of the most prominent global brands also arrived in London to discuss all things marketing, from AI and data to branding and successful communication strategies.

But it was Richard Ingram, Europe’s global brand director of Asahi, that stole the show for me as he delved into Peroni’s latest strategy of ‘doing more with less.’ Ashai Breweries, which is based in Tokyo, acquired Peroni for almost £2bn in 2016 and has a whole host of other beverages under in its portfolio from popular Japanese brands to Grolsch and Meantime Brewing.

Speaking at the event, Ingram said:

“the only game in town right now is, what does your brand stand for? And how well does the content experience that sits around it, deliver?”

One of the things that the whole team at O are passionate about is brand storytelling. We recently picked out some of our favourite brand storytellers and looked at how their ability to tell a great story has enabled them to become a favourite in their industry. And although the world of marketing shifts constantly, the ability to tell a great brand story behind your product or service will always be an important factor.

But why is it really so important to look at brand storytelling now and why does Peroni’s simple approach appear to be so revolutionary?

Well the very fact that large brands are actually starting to look at their brand more closely is a huge step in audience engagement and trust in itself. We’ve all seen the increased worries about how to use influencer marketing correctly, it’s one of the topics that led me to write about making the most out of your influencer campaigns. It’s also difficult to ignore the speed in which technology is increasing and providing us with so many new opportunities regularly, which is fantastic but can also be exhausting trying to keep up with if you aren’t necessarily submersed in the marketing industry day-in-day-out.

However, by getting what your brand stands for nailed at the offset and crafting your content carefully around those ideologies, you can go a long way in creating that initial framework for a robust marketing campaign.

So, with this all said, is it now necessary to strip it back to basics to get that brand story right and build on from there? Do we need to have some form of ‘personality’ for our brand before we throw tens of thousands at influencer marketing or extensive visual advertising? If it can go a long way in building back that audience trust and interaction that is getting lost at the moment with the scare stories of ‘influencer engagement rates’, then surely it is worth it.

It would be great to see Peroni’s approach prompt other brands to look at what they are currently saying, how they are saying it and how exactly it works in line with their target audience. By doing this, we can create communication campaigns across PR, content marketing, influencer relations, social media and visual advertising more creatively and effectively than ever before.

It’s 2018 and one approach doesn’t fit all anymore. So maybe it’s time we all took a step back and get what our brand stands for right, before we focus on anything else.

O is a creative communications agency based in Newcastle upon Tyne with a passion for telling brand stories. For more information on how to get your brand story out there, drop us a line on letstalk@opr.co.uk