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instagram social media spotlight

Whether you’ve just dipped your toes into the world of Instagram or you’re somewhat of a seasoned pro when it comes to knowing your carousels from your boomerangs, it’s the social media platform where you can let your creative juices flow!

Instagram is here to stay and it’s never been as important to nail your social feed, as this visual platform takes no prisoners in an ultra-competitive landscape of businesses all vying for those crucial followers and social engagements.

So what can you do to stand out from the crowd? How can you grab the attention of a potential client or customer? It whittles down to creatively portraying your brand story in a visually appealing way. Crafting impeccable copy and mustering up inventive ideas can be a challenging process, but don’t sweat it. We’ve asked our team to select some of their favourite creative brands on Instagram. Let’s get visual!

Taco Bell

The ever-popular American fast-food chain Taco Bell is killing it on Instagram. Following social media’s version of the rule of threes, the brand’s visual execution is phenomenal and importantly makes your mouth water with an abundance of tantalising imagery.

The vibrant style of the Taco Bell Instagram page is without a doubt one of the brightest lights when it comes to social media within the fast-food industry and with over 20,000 followers alone on the firm’s UK Instagram, and 1.3m followers on its global handle, the world is taking notice.

Image taken from Taco Bell UK Instagram feed


Synonymous with creative content, GoPro has been the chief architect of a revolutionary period of inventive video from adventurers across the globe. Naturally, this has proven to be a hotbed for user-generated content and has bolstered GoPro’s presence in the social media world with over 15 million followers.

Dubbed the world’s ‘Most Versatile Camera’, the brand’s marketing efforts has also been at the forefront of the product with ‘Share With #GoPro’ plastered across all forms of marketing both offline and online. GoPro’s harmonious relationship with its audience has been a pivotal contributor to the virility of content produced through its renowned products.

Image taken from GoPro Instagram feed


Gardening superbrand Flymo is a popular choice for both pro and amateur gardeners alike, boasting a range of products from robotic lawnmowers to leaf blowers and hedge trimmers. Over on Instagram the brand’s famous orange colour can be spotted splashed across the timeline in a range of posts, including behind-the-scenes at events across the UK and video clips of the products in actions. The place for garden inspiration and motivation to get your lawn into tip-top shape, Flymo’s Instagram will have you dreaming of the summer and rushing to grab that mower out of the shed.

Image taken from Flymo Instagram feed


Holland and Barrett

One of the world’s leading health and wellness retailers, Holland and Barrett, has worked hard to venture outside the ordinary remits of expectation when you typically think of consumer products. H&B illustrates that content does not have to be one dimensional and focuses its efforts on colours schemes, with an integrated approach to incorporate its wide range of products. The ‘grid’ style slant is a tested method on Instagram, but H&B combines this with many sections seamlessly syncing with product combinations to create one of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram accounts out there.

Image taken from Holland and Barrett Instagram feed


Pets at Home

Last, but not least, Pets at Home, a brand who knows its audience and importantly what content its consumers are most receptive to. What’s that? Well, it’s UGC content from those purr-fect or paw-fect faces. So why can Pets at Home inspire your Instagram feed? It’s down to knowing that you don’t have to solely shout about the particular products you sell or services you provide, but the story behind them. In Pets at Home’s case behind every product purchase, whether it’s an accessory for your beloved dog or a tin of cat food, there’ll be a trusty animal companion!

Image taken from Pets at Home Instagram feed

We hope the examples from these brands have given you some food for thought on how you can up your Instagram game.

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