August 18, 2020 admin

Join us for our Autumn Webinar Series…

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Over September and October we’ll be hosting a series of webinars and workshops to share insight and to start the discussions around the big challenges businesses are facing right now and the opportunities ahead with robust marketing and digital strategies Post-COVID. We’d love for you to join us, for more information or to book your slot please contact

Tuesday 8th September – 11.00am
Marketing in a Post-COVID World
Finding your new tribes and engaging your customers in new ways. We’ll be discussing consumer behaviour and how your old customer profiles may need not paint a true picture post-lockdown. Creating flexible marketing strategies and more.

Tuesday 22nd September – 11.00am
Digital Strategy just got really serious!

The world went digital overnight, the only to communicate and sell was virtual and online. Steve Maybury will talk you through the ‘new’ digital strategy for businesses and why it’s so important to future proof your business against disruption.

Tuesday 6th October – 11.00am
A Creative Recovery

The pandemic has encouraged bold marketing messages, emotive creative and ‘together’ campaigns that have united entire nations. Lauren Regan our creative director will talk about the perfect creative campaigns and how we can use creativity to help our businesses to recover quickly.

Tuesday 20th October – 11.00am
Building a Disruption-Proof Brand
Purpose driven, transparent brands that really live by their core values have been the winners of 2020, with brand loyalty remaining highest through the pandemic with the world’s most purposeful businesses. This workshop will talk you through the importance of transparency, dealing with change and putting the right foundations in place to build brand loyalty.