July 30, 2020 admin

Lessons in lockdown…Kari Owers, MD

How are You?

Right back at the beginning, one of my business mentors texted me to ask ‘how are you?’ Sometimes leaders need to hear those words too and I remembered the power they can have on someone’s day – so my first lesson of lockdown was to ask how others are doing.

It’s very easy to get caught up in your own drama, but talking to others helps you get things in perspective, share war stories and break down your issues.

I hope it’s a habit I never lose sight of when everything gets back to normal.


Track the numbers

It’s all too easy to feel a lack of control when outside influences throw your carefully laid plans out the window, but it’s worth remembering you can always affect some things – and by getting close to the numbers you maintain some element of control. At the very least knowing your P&L inside out, ensuring you have a clear and realistic pipeline of work where possible, you understand your cashflow – and you track the wider economic trends – you’ll be ok. At the very worst you’ll maybe know the point at which you won’t be ok, and you can reach out for financial support.


When it gets dark the stars come out

This was my mantra after the 2008 recession, as a very young business we survived because some people really stepped up. Look out for the stars, sometime they are the quiet ones – but remember to recognise who really made themselves available and supported you during times of crisis.


Don’t languish in lockdown mode

The change of pace actually got quite nice – lunchtime walks, slow starts to the day over a coffee with no commute, time for some yoga after work. All great habits to keep but I think it’s too easy to get too used to a slower pace and its not going to get you where you need to be – by the end of May I was firmly looking over the horizon, challenging myself to go further, be more ambitious and can-do – remember to always lean forwards, even in a headwind!


Look after yourself

I have learned that I work better when I have time to think. So my diary is never going to look the same again. I know where I add value to the business and that’s the only stuff I will be doing. The rest of the time I will be making sure I get good sleep, exercise and eat well – and don’t sweat the small stuff. I mean if a pandemic can’t teach you that, then you’re a lost cause!