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An informal name for the Friday after Thanksgiving in the USA, Black Friday has become an annual retail celebration of hot deals and widespread media coverage of shoppers fighting over televisions. Originally kicking off as a popular shopping event for Americans, the Black Friday phenomenon has reached us in the UK and we can’t get enough of seeking out the best sales on gadgets and popular brand names.

Both Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday offer retailers a real opportunity to maximise footfall in-store and online by offering customers outrageous discounts. The hype around Black Friday can even start at least a month before the main event, with shoppers seeking out the sales before the date is even here.

Black Friday

Whether you dabble in Black Friday as a customer or not, in the retail industry it is difficult to ignore that this is arguably up there with one of the most important events of the year. Each year it’s a battle of the shops as the likes of e-commerce giant Amazon goes head-to-head with the high street electrical retailers. That being said, it’s not all about the tech. This year Boots are even involved to save shoppers money on exclusive beauty products – a great opportunity for Christmas gift shopping.

But with these huge brands competing for the top spot this year – how can you really stand out from the crowd and do something a bit different? Backed with glittering creative campaigns, you’ll find the global retailers splashed across advertisements and social media posts. So how do you release your inner Amazon and bring the excitement to your products this year?

Whether you’re an independent retailer relying on Shopify, you have your own boutique store or you’re a high street favourite, the O retail communications experts are here to share some top tips for those looking to dazzle this Black Friday.

What’s the offer?

Everyone loves a deal but with so many stores competing for the best percentages off on Black Friday, why not ditch the BOGOF and launch an exclusive limited-edition product for one day only? Record Store Day is a perfect example of this – by intriguing customers with a product they can grab on one occasion only, you’re immediately adding a sense of excitement before shoppers have filled their shopping baskets, physical and virtual.

Make it an experience

We’ve learnt over the past few years that creating an experience for your customers is becoming more crucial than ever – everyone wants to feel something and it’s exciting to be physically part of something. Instead of focusing on the discounts, why not host an event to coincide with Black Friday and give your best customers the VIP treatment?

Consider in-store activities such as cosmetic demos or fashion shows accompanied with goodie bags and Instagrammable spots for social sharing.

Consider your CSR

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is extremely important nowadays and your customers want to see that you care about the same things they do. Consider getting a local charity or initiative involved to have a day where you match the profits made and donate the money to charity or give back in other ways such as work experience for job seekers or the homeless.

It’ll make your brand more relatable and your customers may even want to get involved.

Ditch Black Friday altogether

Love it or hate it, the promotion of Black Friday is unlikely to go away anytime soon. So why not be bold and throw a spanner in the works by doing something quirky on a completely different day?

Consider focusing on another date away from the competition of Black Friday and carve your own special date that’ll get people talking.

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