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For most, taking an Instagram-worthy picture at home means plumping the cushions or moving the empty mug out of shot. However some users are going even further to secure the perfect picture for the ‘gram, recently highlighted when a number of Notting Hill residents complained about groups of influencers spending several hours on their doorstep, even bringing along popup tents for outfit changes.

Whether we care to admit it or not, social media is a powerful driving force behind shifting attitudes and lifestyles amongst younger people, fuelled by what has been dubbed ‘the Instagram Effect’ – choosing to do something because of the photo opportunity it affords.

Nearly 73% of under 35-year olds said they would pay more to live in an ‘Instagrammable’ area.

In 2018, M&S Bank surveyed 2,000 people and found that nearly three quarters of millennials would pay more – on average up to £100,000 extra – on a picture-perfect property, willing to compromise on other practical features such as a driveway or garage.

“Our homes and gardens, once a private space reserved for family and friends, are more visible and sharable than ever before.” – Naomi Pollard, Trend Bible

Compared to well-known hashtags like #selfie and #outfitoftheday, the recent rise in popularity of tags such as #myhousethismonth and #jungalowstyle show that it’s no longer merely our lives and wardrobes on display. This access-to-all-areas approach means that something as basic as a well organised cleaning cupboard can provide a golden Insta-opportunity. So what does this mean for brands?

While older consumers tend to prefer traditional methods of shopping in brick and mortar stores, younger generations are increasingly buying home furnishings via the Internet. Direct-to-consumer retailers like ASOS have been quick to respond, launching their own home range ASOS SUPPLY in February.

In the last 5 years, home goods e-commerce has grown by almost 89% – Euromonitor

Hot on the heels, Walmart recently launched their first web-only homewares range MoDRN in response to increasing competition from online retailers Wayfair and, explaining ”with social media, it’s now easy to visualise what you like and don’t like. However, finding and purchasing the furnishings that inspire you isn’t always easy. We want to change that.”

Encouraging visitors to follow the @MoDRNLiving Instagram, we love the editorial-style images, curated collections and design tips, the brand is already doing an amazing job of generating plenty of engagement on Instagram in their first month.

For those who would still prefer to see and touch big-ticket furniture items before they buy them, last year sofa startup Burrow showed that creating an Instagram-friendly retail experience in a physical environment can be just as effective at pulling in the millennial crowds. By setting up a green screen behind one of the sofas, shoppers could video themselves testing the item out – described by the CEO as the location’s “Instagram bait.”

From carefully chosen colour palettes to cool crisp aesthetics, we’ve selected some of our favourite and most Instagrammable brands to watch this year…

 ferm LIVING 

We are absolutely loving Danish brand ferm LIVING, representing the very best of modern Scandinavian design – a trend that remains ever popular, with its simple, practical yet warm design perfectly mirrored by their super-sleek Instagram feed. 

Oliver Bonas 

Independent British lifestyle store Oliver Bonas has exploded onto the scene in recent years, once again defying challenges facing the retail high street as they plan to open another eight new stores this year. According to Operations Director Natasha Sims, social media is at the forefront of store design, creating Instagram-worthy experiences and hosting events to keep shoppers excited all year round.

deVOL Kitchens

The number one most desired feature in a home by millennials? A kitchen island. A contemporary twist on the classic English kitchen, deVOL Kitchens effortlessly captures the modern-day consumers need for lust-worthy quality and style on their Instagram. You can’t argue with the facts – 1.5k likes on a picture of a kitchen tap…posted less than 24 hours ago.

Rockett St George

Famous for their eclectic mix of expressive homewares and dramatic interior design, Rockett St George was one of the first brands to inspire the now hugely popular dark home décor trend. Using hashtags like #darkinteriors and #darkdecor has helped boost engagement with fans of the design style, leading to new people discovering the brand and ultimately attracting new followers.

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