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2018 has been an exciting year for the communications industry. We’ve seen influencer marketing torn apart and scrutinised to ensure brands are only using ‘trustworthy’ individuals, Instagram introduced IG TV to the world and GDPR threatened to make the lives of marketing professionals much more difficult. But we’ve made it through and we’re so excited to see what the new year will bring. With this on our minds, a few of us in the O team have put our heads together to round up what we think you should keep your eyes on in 2019….

“My prediction for 2019 will be that businesses will continue to put people front and centre in their communications. As talent attraction continues to be a competitive market, and the demand from consumer for brands to be transparent and open, having their public face(s) positioned correctly across all media channels will be a key part of the brand communications mix.” – Kari Owers, Managing Director

“Video, video and more video! We’ve been incorporating them into our client campaigns for years but never before has it formed such an important part of the comms mix when it comes to brand storytelling.

“Secondly, brands will be increasingly challenged to show a (genuine) social conscience. 2019 will see us help clients build on their existing CSR strategy to ensure their longevity for years ahead so their employer brand is the very best it can be, for their existing employees, new recruits and of course their customers.” – Fran Ratliff, Head of Client Services

“For techs sake!

“Alexa, Siri, Google Home and co look like they’re here to stay and by 2020 it’s predicted that every major brand will have invested in a voice strategy when it comes to their marketing and digital planning. Some analysts say they think close to 50 percent of all searches will be made through voice search in the next year and in 2019 brands have to learn to adapt to how their customers want to be communicated with and find a way to align with busy digital lives. However, while tech is getting more and more ingrained in how we communicate with our audiences, what I find really exciting is the human creativity which goes hand in hand with that. Tech for techs sake is not going to affect your ROI but using technology to tell your brands story in a creative and meaningful way will make them sit up and take notice.” – Lauren Regan-Ingram, Acting Account Director

“This year we’ve seen so many changes in digital but equally as many changes in switching back to a very traditional form of marketing – conversations! Our digital platforms will always need to be considered but I think that brands will need to start considering how they are positioning their brand story and look to reach customers on a personal level.

“This will especially be true in industries such as retail, where we have seen the high street struggle over the past year. By creating more personable content and using experience-led marketing to reach customers, we are adding a face to our brand that our audiences can relate to. ” – Sammy Sadler, Account Manager

“Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home will be under many Christmas trees this year, and ‘voice’ is quickly becoming a common form of how we are consuming media. As these types of devices develop the way we think about content, how it is consumed will have to follow suit and I think we’ll see more on this into 2019.”   – Kayleigh Hepburn, Senior Account Manager

“2019 will continue to see a rise in popularity for podcasts as they are an accessible medium for brands and influencers to access target consumers often with heightened engagement. Regularly used to provide explanatory and expert opinion typically at low costs, Podcasts can be hosted across a number of free platforms with an abundance of opportunity for advertisers.” – Cam Mudie, PR & Content Executive

“LinkedIn might invest more heavily in its advertising platform, making it more user friendly. It’s a great way to reach people based on their skillset and job title but can be tricky to use!” – Tegan Denwood, SEO and Social Media Manager

“I think Instagram will steal the spot light in 2019 – with the recent launch of IGTV, I think this platform is set to expand into 2019. As well as celebs and influencers, 2018 has seen a rise in high street brands and supermarkets using video more on Instagram, which I think will influence the direction of the platform in 2019.” – Rebecca Connolly, Senior Account Executive

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