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Micro-influencers are the latest buzzword in marketing, and their rise is all down to the higher levels of engagement they get from their followers.

We recently surveyed our UK network of hyperlocal influencers, those living in towns and cities across the UK, and found they tend to stay loyal to their local patch but also are keen to work with big brands and can be better value for money for marketers.

The survey discovered 63% of influencers said they loved working with local brands and companies, yet 100% stated they felt bigger brands should be working with regional bloggers more.

Showcasing their local influence for multi-site operators, UK regional bloggers are generally only prepared to travel between five to 10 miles of their home to eat out (46%), with 40% travelling less than five miles to go to the gym.

However when it comes to holidays, the opportunity to attract local bloggers to experience the best the UK has to offer is clear, as most UK regional bloggers are currently travelling abroad. Survey recipients said they normally travel more than four hours by aeroplane on holiday over shorter flights or driving.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s our five top tips to finding and working with hyperlocal influencers in your PR or marketing campaign.

5 top tips to working with hyperlocal influencers

  1. Know exactly what you are looking for

Micro-influencers can be harder to find, so you need a clear idea of the location, lifestyle and general outlook of the influencer you want to represent your brand.

When we came to launching DM’s LITE for Dr. Martens, we looked for hyperlocal influencers with the right ‘attitude’ and people who had a visual aesthetic on and we ended up working with DJs, stylists, BMXers and musicians to generate something unique in terms of content.

  1. Read the comments

The quickest way to check out an influencer’s engagement other than their blog traffic is to read their comments – look out for how they interact and respond to their followers, they should be swift and personal in their replies. Post likes are also a good indicator they have a highly engaged audience.

  1. Set them a challenge

The best influencers have a unique take on life, and on Instagram will have a clear aesthetic and prowess for photography. Don’t dictate how they should post your product or service, give them some freedom to put their own stamp on it to create some really unique and authentic content.

You are choosing an influencer for their personality, and their followers want to see that shine through. By all means give them your handle and hashtag, but don’t write their captions – just make sure they disclaim if it is a sponsored post, but let them do the rest.

  1. Make it personal

Of course you have a brand to promote, but how can you make it more authentic to your influencer? By grouping it with other products or experiences you know they enjoy, personalising it with their initials or making it relevant to something they have posted about recently – as a personal touch always goes a long way.

  1. Small doesn’t always mean free

Although we’d always advocate that good content creators are paid for their involvement, many hyperlocal influencers are prepared to work with a brand in return for gifting or experiences. However when they do charge, they are often less expensive so overall will be providing much better bang for your buck – when coupled with their engagement rates it’s a no brainer for a marketing campaign.

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