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Traditionally people are seen as being artistic or scientific, rarely both. The North East has a long history of science and innovation, including the creation of ‘The Rocket’, the Geordie Lamp, the safety match and the lightbulb, as well as a rich tapestry of art and culture such as fine art and film making.

Our region’s heritage has been forged by scientific innovation and currently more than one in five people in the region are employed in science and technology, according the Office of National Statistics. Newcastle in particular is home to a large range of companies in the science sector, employing highly skilled people – especially in the life sciences and healthcare sector thanks to the Centre for Life, the world class medical school at Newcastle University and innovative businesses such as Proctor and Gamble.

Despite drastic cuts to the arts sector in the last decade, the North East’s culture sector is thriving. The Great Exhibition of the North brought record numbers of visitors to venues in the region in 2018. Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Sage Gateshead and Northern Stage are just some of the world-class cultural venues attracting major artists to the region.

The power of art comes from its ability to evoke powerful emotions in its audience. Art is not static; it pushes forward and reflects the feelings of the world in which is exists. There is something which intrinsically links science and art together. Creativity. It is only by bringing the two together that we can truly innovate and continue to put the region on the map as a hot spot for pushing innovative boundaries.

Not everyone considers themselves to be creative, nor does every industry, but to some extent we should all try to instil a creative spirit in the way we do business. A creative mindset also increases resilience and allows us to rationalise taking risks, which are essential characteristics for individuals to lead boldly. Afterall, a breakthrough never came from acting on caution.

A common dismissal is that it comes naturally and because we’re not all born ‘arty’, that’s how we’ll keep it. Instead it’s much more refreshing to look at creativity as a skill which can be developed, just like our other professional expertise and personal attributes.

At O we believe in being seriously creative. Design and creative strategy truly adds value to the world when it is used to solve a bigger problem. By working with artists and creatives, science and business can gain a fresh perspective on a problem and look at how to approach it from a new direction.

This article is taken from our latest Homegrown magazine which explores creativity, what it means to us, to businesses, brands and business leaders. If you’d like a copy , contact kirsty@opr.co.uk

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