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The Influence of Stories: How influencers can boost brands’ Stories

It has often been said that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Companies like Apple and Harley Davidson centre their values on the people that buy from them – telling stories and creating a personality for the brand beyond the product to build a loyal customer base. This is why, some people will fight tooth and nail over Apple products whereas others are staunchly in favour of Android or Windows – you don’t often see much cross over.

This all starts with telling the right brand story; not what you do, but why you do what you do. A simple way to plant the seeds from this are with Stories on Instagram or Snapchat. Stories allow brands to form an instant connection with their followers using uncut, unpolished and real content that is relatable. As well as fostering a positive sentiment, familiar ethos can lead to referrals and purchases that drive actual business growth.

Instagram Stories has grown into one of the most important features of the app since it was introduced in August 2016, boasting over 300 million users creating Stories each day.

So why use influencers in your Stories?

Using Instagram Stories provides possibly the strongest way to reach a large, engaged audience that might traditionally be untapped. So how can you utilise this feature for maximum results?

Influencers in marketing activity isn’t a new addition for brands and the authenticity that the influencer has when creating a story is incredibly valuable, not to mention harnessing the sheer size of the audiences they have worked hard to cultivate. The immediacy and the real-word environment that this feature offers is something that a brand can really take advantage of.

Your influencer activity not only gives you a large and engaged audience to utilise but it also gives you something much more valuable – trust. The reason you are using this influencer is because they have amassed a following, for that influencer to then endorse your brand – even if you are paying them – is an incredibly powerful tool.

Influencers are pros at telling a story; this is why they have been so successful at cultivating high numbers of followers. In addition to harnessing their followers, using an influencer’s expertise in storytelling that is bespoke to their audience is always successful.

This example from Victoria’s Secret shows just how a well-managed story can work wonders. They allowed the model Stella Maxwell and the famous yoga instructor Beth Cooke to take over their channel, inviting users to join their yoga session to #trainlikeanangel. By harnessing Stella’s 3.3m followers (not to mention the thousands of followers from Beth’s account) Victoria’s Secret were able to tell a strong story that showcased the brand in a very relatable, yet on-brand, light. This campaign also included live video which allowed users to join in with the yoga class at home and also purchase the outfits worn.

Our top 5 ways to use influencers in your next Stories campaign. 

  1. Take Over

 The influencer will know exactly how to get the best from their audience so let them do their own thing on your channel. By letting them express themselves you can take advantage of what has made them so successful. Be sure not to restrict them too much and let them promote the content on their own platforms.

  1. Placement

This may be the easiest way to harness influencers however it has been done so often that users can see through it quickly. Even so, using your product in the heart of an influencer’s story to his or her own followers gives an organic and authentic feel.

  1. Behind the Scenes

Anticipation is often a huge part of any marketing activity; that is why films release trailers! Influencers can therefore stoke the fire of anticipation with some sneak peek content that gives users a perspective they wouldn’t have ordinarily had access to, which can be a huge weapon to wield.

  1. Q&A

FAQs are in the nature of every business. Why not get the influencer to help answer them for you. The funky graphics and emojis found on Stories can make a very engaging piece of content if done right.

  1. Competitions

Competitions are very quick ways of gaining engagement, simply because there is something in it for the user when they enter. Influencers can help bolster this engagement by harnessing their own audience. But make sure you are quick – Stories only exist for 24 hours!

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