October 17, 2019 admin


October half term is fast approaching which of course means entertaining the kids and spending is top of the agenda.

In a report published by The Independent last year it revealed that parents spend £2,600 a year entertaining their children and with the sheer volume of activities available and the venue options we have nowadays, that isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

So, with this amount being spent on a yearly basis, how do we attract families to spend with us? Especially those with toddlers who need entertaining 24/7 before joining school – how can you ensure that they are spending with you?

When engaging a family audience, school holidays are a primetime for footfall but we shouldn’t forget weekends. With so many people competing in the space to attract a family audience, how can we transform our communications to appeal to their needs rather than our own?

At O we’ve worked with clients in the travel and leisure sectors across the UK to increase footfall, raise brand awareness, promote experiential activities, shout about the best staycations – the list is endless! We know how busy the marketplace is and we’re often working with clients to think outside of the box to create fun campaigns that’ll appeal to families with all budgets.

One particular campaign we have worked on was with the Fun Shack Group, as Fun Shack announced its brand-new play area ‘Toon Town’ to its Benfield site. Aimed at families with children, Toon Town encourages role play and development within little ones.

The new zone includes a green grocer, a café, boutique clothes shop, pizzeria, pet store and even a fire station where children from 1-8 years can immerse themselves in each area, complete with dress ups and props.

We created a video to celebrate the Toon Town launch, recruiting 5 little ones and putting them in real life situations similar to that in Toon Town to highlight the new role play with a little bit of humour.

By partnering up with local businesses in Newcastle city centre such as Scream for Pizza and Byker Community Fire station, our toddler team re-enacted some of their daily routines – cuteness overload!

The video was used to promote a social media competition launching the new zone on Fun Shack’s channels which generated a huge buzz from excited parents.

Together with Fun Shack, we proved that a creative, playful video was the right approach to engage families and drum up interest about the new zone on social channels.

O is a creative communications agency based in Newcastle that works with clients across a range of industries including travel, leisure, hospitality and retail. If you are looking for some inspiration in engaging a family audience, why not drop us an email on letstalk@opr.co.uk.