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O Communications wins Best Small Place To Work Award – photo credit Chronicle Live

Awards season is now well and truly underway, with this year’s Oscars full of surprises – from unexpected wins, jaw-dropping outfits, steamy performances and everything in between – Hollywood’s stars did not disappoint. At last week’s Brit Awards the North East’s presence was greater than ever, with musician Sam Fender, from North Shields scooping up the 2019 Critics Choice Award as well as half-Geordie girl band Little Mix winning Best British Video.

Alongside standing on stage and collecting a trophy, the benefits of entering and winning an award go far beyond. In the world of business, there is an abundance of awards to choose from every year both regionally and nationally. It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, if you have a great story then the huge variety of awards out there ranging from community and charity to tourism and business – can offer tremendous value.

Not only does winning an award show your current and prospective customers that you know what you’re doing, it also sends high fives around the office and shows appreciation for your team and their hard work and commitment.

So, why else is winning awards good for business?


Nothing shouts “we’re the best” like public recognition for your achievements. Better yet, you can shout it all year round. When you’re pitching to clients, awards are a great way of demonstrating your credibility and encourages customer loyalty and trust.


Winning an award, making a shortlist or being nominated can make a real difference when it comes to brand awareness. The additional press coverage associated raises the profile of your business, as well as giving you a great story to share across all your communication channels, whether on your blog, on social or in your newsletter. In addition, you can display your award with pride so it is seen by all who visit your premises. However, it doesn’t stop there either. Winning awards also promotes the area you’re located in too – queue the Tuesday night flashbacks of Jack Whitehall’s terrible attempt at a Geordie accent – and there is no downside to creating a buzz in the neighbourhood.

Team Morale

An award can offer a tremendous boost in confidence amongst your team. It reminds them that they’re part of something bigger and acknowledges their contribution towards your success as a business.


Award ceremonies are a brilliant opportunity to celebrate with your team whilst also introducing them to like-minded people, whether it’s new prospects or former colleagues as well as other winners and nominees.


Not only does winning an award set you apart from your competitors in the eyes of your client, but it boosts your ratings amongst potential new recruits too. Top brands attract top talent.

Entering awards may sometimes feel like a challenge, but the sense of achievement remains long after the champagne is gone. Whether you’re new to the game or well established, there’s an award out there with your name on it.

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